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Readings with Denise Moran
20 April 2020
Starts: 12:00PM
Ends: 6:00PM


with Denise Moran

Time: 12-6
Cost: $40.00 for 30 minutes

Denise Moran has been drawn to and has studied many facets of the metaphysical world. She uses and incorporates them into her daily life. Denise is the creator/owner of Raven Faery Magical Blends and is a Reiki Master who specializes in Aromatherapy as well as the Magical and Healing properties of crystals and herbs. She teaches monthly classes on working with crystals and gemstones as well as how to use them in your daily life. Denise does readings using cards connecting with Fairy, Goddess, Past Life, Life Path and Animal Totem energies to name a few. She currently resides in Huron, Ohio.

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Core Qigong
20 April 2020
Starts: 6:00PM
Ends: 7:00PM

Core Qigong

      with Sifu Tom Lesniewski

Time: 6-7 PM
Cost: $7.00 for drop-in
$35.00 for a six week pass

Core Qigong will be focusing on the Qi energy to work towards a Qigong state of mind.  Qigong is a mastery of moving energy through your body.  If you don't move, you don't generate energy and if you aren't mindful of your movements, you might not be able to fully direct the energy. The movements are relatively simple and can be done seated for those that have physical ailments.

Core Qigong can help you:
Reduce Stress
Lower Blood Pressure
Improve Mind
Improve Body
Improve Spirit
Improve Sleep
Reduce Arthritic Pain
Increase Energy
Improve Sense of Well Being

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