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Psychic Unfoldment Intensive with Travis Sanders
9 June 2017
Starts: 12:00PM
Ends: 5:00AM

Psychic Unfoldment Intensive:

June 9th and 10th

In this intensive, Travis will work with students in developing their natural psychic abilities and teaches in a way where any experience level can grow and benefit from this course, from beginners to adepts. In this course we will cover
The psychic Mindset
Clearing the 3rd eye
Overcoming blocks & obstacles to the 6th Sense
Spirit Guides
Chakras, Auras and the Energetic Anatomy
Looking inside the body
How to access information concerning love, career, and health
Automatic writing, psychometry, intuiting time frames, and much more!
Class will be from approx. noon to five each day. Please dress comfortably and bring notebook and pens. There will also be a break for lunch.
Cost $200.00