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Readings with Rev. Liz Madsen
17 February 2018
Starts: 10:00AM
Ends: 2:00PM

February 17th


Rev. Liz Madsen CNHP, RMT

Time: 10-2
Cost: $40.00 for 15 minute

·        Certified Natural Health Professional

·        Natural Health and Energy Consultant

·        Reiki Master-Teacher

·        Animal Communication/Pet Psychic

·        Spirit Reader

 There are several types of Readings that I do. 

Animal Communication: If you would like to know what your pet is thinking or would like to tell them something, I am able to telepathically communicate with animals. I can also talk to your pet that has passed on.

Guide and Power Animal Readings: You can find out what animals you have around you for guides, and what your Power Animal is…Your Power Animal is a reflection of you.

Paranormal Spirit Readings: You can find out if there are any ghosts in your home or place of work. I will send them on and clear out negative energy they leave behind.

Pet Oracle Card Readings: You can get a message from your pet, the message is about something in your life that they want to talk to you about. They are very aware of what is going on in your life and want to help you. Or with another deck you can get an insight to your relationship with them. So if there is something going on this will help you to resolve your issue with them.

Animal Runes: With the Runes you pick three of them, past, present and future. Think about a specific issue going on in your life and get an insight into it. This can help you to resolve your issue.

With infinite love and gratitude, Liz 440-552-9915

Lizard91134@wowway.com     Revlizmadsencnhprmt.vpweb.com

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