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How to Read & Work with Oracle Cards with Travis
25 May 2018
Starts: 6:00PM
Ends: 7:30PM

With Travis Sanders

In this class Travis will teach you how to read oracle cards for yourself and others. We will look at misconceptions around ideas of "should" and "supposed to" with card reading, and learn how to let the cards speak to us via intuition and abstract thinking. We will also go over user friendly spreads for different purposes. 

Cost: 15.00

6-7:30 pm

For this class you will need a deck of oracle cards- It doesnt matter what type or deck, this is not a tarot class, but if you want to use a tarot deck (as it is an oracle tool) you are more than welcome to. If you do not have a deck of cards, the shop carries a variety that you can purchase before class. 

Call the shop 419 433 0888 to register 


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