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Massage or Ennergetics with Rena Gaudin
21 April 2018
Starts: 2:00PM
Ends: 6:30PM

April 21st

Massage or Ennergetics

with Rena Gaudin

1 hour Relaxation Massage: $70.00

One hour Fast Relief Ennergetics: $85.00

About Rena

Rena is a nationally known holistic Bodyworker and an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping practitioner. Her additional training in Aromatherapy, Reiki, Law of Attraction, Hypnosis & NLP,  provides you with a well rounded practitioner who can help you receive the best holistic care.
     She has taught Massage Therapy at local colleges, is a workshop leader, and holds monthly group tapping sessions.
She is licensed to perform Massage and specializes in deep tissue pain relief.  Rena has also completed Basic through Advanced EFT training.  "I've traveled from one end of this country to the other to learn from some of the best in both bodywork and energy techniques. It is a privilege to be a part of helping people make positive changes in their lives."

About Ennergetics

The field of Energy Psychology/Medicine‚Äč is trending across the globe.  People are getting results unlike with anything else.

Dr. Oz was quoted on the Oprah show saying "the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine".

There are different forms of energy psychology and medicine in use today. We are combining some of the most effective ones that bring real results fast.

This is your opportunity to experience the effectiveness of Ennergetics which is a unique combination of proven techniques from those fields.


If you are tired of carrying the heavy load of emotional pain from
chronic frustration
unfulfilling relationships
unrealized dreams
past traumatic events
being stuck in the same pattern
chronic pain or illness



I‚Äčndividual sessions are available to experience the proven effectiveness of these amazing sessions.

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