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Shamanic Drumming Circle with Tess Snyder
24 July 2019
Starts: 7:00PM
Ends: 8:30PM

July 24th

Shamanic Drumming Circle

The Sacred Wheel: The West

with Tess Snyder

Time: 7-8:30 pm
Cost: $10.00

The Shamanic Drumming Circle is monthly class where participants come to learn about Shamanism, practice journeying to alternate realities, and receive healing and wisdom. Each meeting is centered around a theme or teaching, including ceremony and celebration of the 4 important Earth celebrations: Spring Equinox (March 20),Summer Solstice (June 21), Fall Equinox (September 24), and Winter Solstice (December 21).
The Circle is open to all who want to learn and grow, and there is no obligation to commit to coming every month -- just come when Spirit calls you.

In 2019, in addition to quarterly ceremony to mark Mother Earth's relationship with The Sun, the group will study the Sacred Medicine Wheel, its meaning, the four directions, and how to apply these teachings to bring balance and healing to everyday life and relationships.

Tess will introduce you to the basic teachings of the Wheel of Life and then guide you through a shamanic journey to the upper world where you will meet a Spirit Teacher. This Spirit will be your personal tutor, bringing you personalized guidance, healing, and wisdom as you travel around the Sacred Wheel.

In the following months we will visit and study each direction, learning about traditional meanings, aspects and teachings. At each meeting, you will meet a Power Animal who will help you gain deep understanding and wisdom of each direction.

In July, we will go to the West, home of the Great Dreaming Bear and the emotional self; 

In August, we will complete our journey around the Wheel as we travel North to the place of the Elders, the ancestors, and spirituality; and

In October and November, we will return to the center, where we will learn how to apply these teachings to daily life, relationships, work, and our journey through the construct known as time.

Participants should come to each Drum Circle with a journal, pencil, drum or rattle, and an open heart and mind. You may also wish to bring a yoga mat or blanket to lie on and a bandana, scarf or eye mask for journey work. If you are more comfortable in a chair, we will have those available. 

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