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Drum Circle with Denise Moran
12 August 2020
Starts: 6:30PM
Ends: 7:45PM

August 12th

Drum Circle

with Denise Moran

Time: 6:30-7:45 pm
Cost: Love Donation

Have you ever been to a Drum Circle or even just wanted to go to one? Looking for a way to relax and just "let go" at the end of a crazy day? Well now's your chance to do so!! Drum Circles are an effective way to raise your vibration, the energy and vibration of the Collective and strengthen community bonds. Come and experience the awesome energy for yourself where we can drum, shake, rattle and roll to a higher vibration together!! At the end of each circle, there will be a guided meditation to help seal in all the amazing benefits for us all. Beats will be both Native American and Viking styles. Hope you can join us for lots of fun, raising vibration and frequency and just letting go!!

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