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Mediumship Intensive with Travis Sanders
23 October 2021
Starts: 12:00PM
Ends: 5:30PM

In this 2-day Intensive, Travis will teach a solid foundation for the unfoldment of mediumistic communication skills. Class will be from noon to approx 5 or 5:30 each day. This class will be hands and practical in nature. Over the course of the two days we will touch on and explore:

Spiritualism and its history
What is and isnt mediumship
Natural law
development vs unfoldment
Building Power
The Home circle
Guides & Inspirers 
Mechanics of Mediumship
Identifying your channel
Moving out of the personal mind
building a contact
Spirit Inspiration
Structure of a Contract
Delivering the message
Building the story
Linking Techniques
And more! 

Cost of the 2 days is $200.00
An hour will be given for lunch (bring a lunch or resturaunts will be suggested). Dress comfortably. Handouts will be provided but notebook and pen isnt a bad idea. 
Call the shop to sign up! 

Travis Sanders is an accomplished clairvoyant medium, author and teacher who has been working professionally for over a decade. His work with Spirit has been featured on numerous radio and television programs including CBS & HayHouse Radio and most notably A&E's Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. He is the author of the books; I Am Psychic, So Are You! and Practical Mediumship. Travis was also named the new face of Modern Spiritualism in HubPage's Top 10 Next Generation Psychics. What does all of this mean? Everything, and nothing. Travis is just a soul, on a journey, with a passion....Just like you.

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