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Rena Gaudin

Rena is a nationally known holistic bodyworker who has helped people realize freedom from pain.  She uses deep tissue as well as unique forms of muscle release not available from anyone else in this area.  Her work is effective and clients come from around the country for sessions.  She is also a Massage Instructor, workshop group leader, and an expert in the powerhouse technique of Meridian Tapping Therapy (also known as Emotional Freedom Technique), which are  forms of energy medicine.  "I use energy medicine to help people feel better and live better and teach them how to do it for themselves.  You can quickly improve your health, finances, and relationships with these techniques."
Contact Rena at: 440-967-0547 or 440-787-9235. Or email her at:
Cost: $55.00/Hour


Healing Emotional & Physical Pain

EFT is a profoundly powerful energy therapy that is simple to use and effective on many different issues.
The Chinese discovered an energy system called “meridians” that run through the body and is used in acupuncture & acupressure. EFT users tap on specific points on this meridian energy system to produce both emotional & physical changes.  People have spent years in conventional talk therapy and still suffer from disruptive emotions. The founder of EFT teaches that the disruption lies in the energy field, not in the memory.

Our bodies can store patterns of energy similar to how it stores memories. EFT can release and transform the stuck patterns that limit us & cause us pain.  Clear the energy & the problem dissolves.  This means that repeating patterns of anger, grief, fear, etc…  can all be cleared using this simple technique that you can learn to use yourself.  Skillful application has helped people clear out long held patterns of trauma, anger, fear, guilt, pain, stress, etc..  The way becomes clear to develop and enhance inner peace, forgiveness, & self-confidence.

You too can experience the swift and lasting results from EFT.  It’s Your Journey 419-433-0888 can schedule your session on select Saturdays with practitioner Rena Gaudin, LMT.

Individual sessions last about one hour and are only $55. Contact Rena Gaudin at 440-787-9235 if a Saturday doesn't work for you.

Get notified by email of EFT Group sessions on dealing with stress, weight loss, clearing clutter and more.


These are the readers that I recommend


Lynn Gerstacker

Lynn is a Psychic/Medium from Oberlin, Ohio who does Angel Oracle and Tea Leaf readings.  She also is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Therapeutic Touch practictioner.  She is available for individual readings or group parties.  For more information call: 440-225-1275 or email her at or go to her website:
Cost: $25.00/30 minutes

Travis James Sanders

   Travis James Sanders' unique story begins at an early age, but took a major turn at the age of 16, when a psychic reading changed the course of his life forever. At 23, Travis is a young but accomplished Psychic Medium, who has appeared on national television regarding his work with Spirit. Travis has been featured on both A&E's Psychic kids: Children of the Paranormal as well as Entertainment Tonight's:The Insider, and could be seen on Nancy Grace, as well as numerous news stations. He has also appeared on a variety of radio programs, including: ParaVision, Para-x, KRock, as well as CBS Radio.  He is also a certified Reiki Teacher, and has undergone intense empathic training for the past two years. Travis has also received para-proffesional training in the psychic arts and is certified by Doreen Virtue, Phd, as well as has undergone training with Lily Dale medium and author, Sharon Klingler. What does all of this mean. Everything, and Nothing. Travis is just a soul, on a journey, with a passion...Just like you.
Cost: $50.00/30 minutes  or $150.00/untimed

To schedule a reading you can reach Travis at:


Follow Travis on Facebook by clicking HERE

Michelle Elder

Since childhood, Michelle's life mission has been to spread the light of our Creator & help people find hope, faith, & peace within that light. She has extensively studied the works of Doreen & Charles Virtue to refine her gifts and use them in service to others. She uses her Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, & Angel Oracle Cards to communicate with God's Angels. Through these gifts & tools, she is able to connect with the Angels and our loved ones to receive messages of love & guidance. Michelle always works within the white light of the Holy Spirit & Christ consciousness so please rest assured that her readings are infused with God's divine love & light. Michelle feels it is her duty to bring as many as possible closer to God & create an environment where we are less afraid of following our intuition.
Michelle is also a Reiki Master & Esthetician specializing in Relaxation Massage & Skin Care.
Cost: $40.00/30 minutes

Phyllis Ruck
Reiki Master
Therapeutic Touch Practitioner

Phyllis offers Reiki sessions, Angel card readings as well as guidance readings.  She is available for private readings, & Reiki sessions.  Private sessions are $35.00 per session.
Phyllis is also available for groups, parties or as a speaker.
For more information or to schedule an appt. you can reach Phyllis at or 419-929-8841.

Joyce Shirley

Joyce is a medium and a spiritualist minister. She is available for showers and tea parties, angel card readings, mediumship and mediumship galleries and is available by appointment. Contact her at or
through It's Your Journey.

Becky Swander 
 Becky Swander is an Intuitive counselor and has taught Metaphysics and Manifesting classes in Sandusky, OH and in Venice, FL.

Becky also does Animal Spirit guide readings using the Medicine cards, which are based on Native American spirituality. Native Americans believe we are each born with Animal spirit guides which help teach us and guide us throughout our lives.  Becky also helps  clients to identify their own personal animal guide or Totem

Animal Communicator

Rev. Liz Madsen CNHP, RMT


. Certified Natural Health Professional
. Natural Health and Energy Consultant
. Reiki Master-Teacher
. Animal Communication/Pet Psychic
. Paranormal Spirit Reader
I can telepathically communicate with animals, if you would like to know what your pet is thinking or would like to tell them something I am able to help you out with that. Also, if your pet is having a health or behavior issue that needs to be worked on I can put together a Bach Flower for them. Bach Flower Recipes may help work on emotions which is where a lot of issues come from.
I also do Natural Health and Energy Work. One of my specialties is Light Touch Therapy. It may help to balance you side to side and front to back. If you need help deciding which Herbs may be right for you, need your Chakras cleared, a Reiki Treatment, Quantum Touch, Qi Gong, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Gemstones for healing. I also teach classes to learn how to do Reiki.  I also can clear out any ghosts in your home or office, and get rid of the negative energy they leave behind. They need your energy to stay here.  Don't give it to them. Have them removed!
I am looking forward to helping you or your pet feel better or just stay healthy on a natural path.
With infinite love and gratitude,

Cost: $30.00 for 15 minutes


Terri Temper LPN

Terri has been a Licensed Practical Nurse for 36 years working in various health care fields.  In 1996 she became a Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master and has since assisted her clients to improve their health by working with their body, mind and spirit.  Appointments for Reiki or Hypnotherapy can be made by contacting It's Your Journey at 419-433-0888 or 419-602-0859.  You can email her concerning her sessions at  Cost per Session: $45.00

Qigong/Tai Chi (Taiji)

Sifu Tom Lesniewski


Sifu has been a student of Tai chi for over twenty-five years and has been teaching for fifteen years.  He earned his teaching sash in 1998 under Sensie Bob Callahan at the Universal Martial Arts Academy followed by his Black Sash master rating in 2000.  In addition to his principle teacher, Sensei Bob Callahan, Sifu Tom has trained with Sifu Stuart Olson (principle student of T.T. Liang), Jay Van Schelt, a master trainer of Master Paul Lam's Tai chi for Arthritis, and with Master Zhongxian Wu in Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong.  Sifu Tom has also trained in the ChiFusion program created by Sifu Al Simon.  His current teacher is Sifu Ken Cohen of Bolder CO.
Sifu Tom has also held a certification by the Arthritis Foundation of America for Tai Chi for Arthritis and he is a member of the National Qigong Association.  He is the founder of Jasmine Dragon Tai Chi and Qigong with classes in the Erie/Huron county area and in Denver through his Advance Students Sifu's David and Patricia Bennett at Jasmine Dragon Tai Chi and Qigong - Colorado in Denver.

Tom's website is:


Qigong (Chi Gung) is an ancient Chinese system of self-cultivation developed specifiacally as a means by which each individual may take full personal responsibility for protecting health, promoting vitality and prolonging life while cultivating spiritual awareness and insight.
In todays highly competitive, stressful world, Qigong is a versatile utility for promoting productivity, preventing disease, balancing emotions and calming the mind.

The exercises are low impact and low stress and suitable for all ages and states of health.

Tai Chi (Taiji)

Tai Chi is a dynamic form of Qigong.  This ancient Chinese system of self-cultivation is sometimes practiced as a martial art, but more often now practiced for the health benefits.  It is an effective exercise for health of mind and body, and is practiced throughout the world.  It is able to alleviate many medical conditions such as hypertension and arthritis.  The exercise is a series of slow, gentle, rythmic movements and are effective for inducing relaxation and increasing flexibility and balance.  Even a modest regular practice can bring better health and mental focus.  Tai Chi is an endless reservoir of vitality, insight and inspiration.
Harvard Medical School recently published a report on the health benefits of Tai Chi, calling Tai Chi "medication in motion."  It noted that practitioners improved in many areas, including muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic conditioning.  The report recommended Tai Chi as complementary therapy for arthritis, osteoporosis, breast cancer, heart disease, hypertension, parkinson's disease, sleep problems, and stroke.


Tom received his Basic Training in Psych-K in 2007 from Beth Holstein, a Therapist with over 20 years of practice and a Premiere International Psych-K instructor.  Beth has used Psych-K in her clinical practice for over 10 years.
After basic training, Tom was accepted into the extensive advanced training in 2008, with Psych-K master/trainer Stephen Thompson.  In 2009 Tom was invited by Stephen to attend a special training program that blends Psych-K with core shamanic healing techniques for a unique system of energy healing, balancing and pain remediation.


Jenny Ortolani

Elemental Reflexology is a very gentle form of foot reflexology that integrates the ancient principles and point-specific work of reflexology with modern energy principles of Polarity.  Elemental Reflexology makes significant changes in your body's energetic fields.  When pressure is applied to the reflex points on the feet, predictable and positive changes occur elsewhere in the body.  This enables the body to mobilize healing energies wherever they are needed in the body.
Benefits of Elemental Reflexology are: deep relaxation, decreased anxiety and stress reduction, feeling centered and balanced, pain management, and increased energy and focus.  Elemental Reflexology can help you let go of tension and maintain your balance in meeting the demands and stresses of your daily life by nourishing your mental health and physical vitality.

"Take care of your feet and you take care of your body!"

Jenny Ortolani is a retired health and physical education teacher, workshop presenter, and wellness and fitness specialist.  Her interest in wellness continues in the holistic health field.  As well as being certified as an Elemental Reflexologist, she is also certified in Relaxation Massage, ESI (Elemental Systems Integration-sound & color), Reiki Master (with Rachel Berry), and Holistic Health Advisor (assessment, education, and referral).  Jenny has received her training with Holistic Health Career Center in Columbus, OH.  She resides in Milan, OH and can be reached at 419-541-1733 or 419-433-0888.
Cost: $45.00 Session


Candice Frantz
Supplements Etc. Family Wellness Ctr
20202 Center Ridge Rd Ste 3
Rocky River OH  44116
216.374.3468 (Cell)

Kinesiologist, C.H.
Certified Total Body Analysis Practitioner
Health & Wellness Coach
Independent IsaGenix Distributor

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