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It's Your Journey Psychic Fair
13 May 2017
Starts: 11:00AM
Ends: 4:00PM

May 13th


***Free Admission***

Readings: $25.00/15-Min.    $45.00/30-Min.

**Sorry No Checks Or Credit Cards Accepted For Readings, Reiki or Massage**


Rev. Liz Madsen: CNHP, RMT-Animal Communication-Pet Psychic-Spirit Reader

Liz offers several types of  Readings-Animal communication, Guide & Power Animal , Paranormal Spirit , & Pet Oracle Cards. She is able to telepathically communicate with animals, and can also talk to your pet that has passed on.

Fonda Lorenz: Spiritual Counselor-Tarot-Astrology-Medium-Intuitive Sensitive

Fonda is proficient in many healing modalities including: Psychic Tarot, Astrological Insight, Clairvoyant Mediumship, Reiki Master, Mayan Ek'kan Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Hands on Healing. She learned from a very early age the gifts of Spirit & the joy of sharing from the heart.

Dr. Michael Schmaus: Psychic-Medium-Tarot

Michael uses Tarot Cards to “open” the gateway, then relays what his guides show him as well as what he sees, senses, and hears. He tries to describe your loved ones on the other side as well as any messages they may have for you. Michael adds a touch of spiritual counseling to make for a unique reading.

Melinda Carver: Psychic-Medium-Tarot

Melinda is the Official Psychic of the Tarot Guild and hosts Positive Perspectives and Mystical Muse radio shows.  She has appeared on TV, radio, expos, conferences, corporate events, stores and groups.  Her articles have been published in several magazines and she is featured in 11 titles of the Holistic Highway to Wisdom DVD Series.  She is the creator of an award-winning magical product line - Melinda's Positive Products.

Jennith Burgess:  Psychic Oracle Card Readings:

Jennith is an Intuitive Empath - an expression of Clairsentience, or ‘Clear Feeling.’  I am also Claircognizant, or ‘Clear Knowing.’  Simply put, I receive information from Spirit and those I connect with via Feeling and Knowing.  I currently offer Intuitive Soul Guidance using Angel Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards as tools of focus and confirmation. 

Rena Gaudin:  Massage & Emotional Freedom Technique   ($25.00/15-Min.    $35.00/30-Min. )

EFT is a profoundly powerful energy therapy. Rena is a nationally known holistic Bodyworker & EFT tapping practitioner. She is licensed to perform Massage Therapy.

Nancy Ritz:  Reiki

Nancy is a Reiki Master Teacher with over 20 years working with clients.  She works by guidance of knowing where energy blocks are occurring in the clients body.  Her audio recordings include: Replace Limiting Beliefs, Automatic Writing, and The Shaman Woman.

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