Reiki/Energy Work/Distance Healing


     Energy Work integrates the principles of numerous energetic healing practices. I consider myself “the messenger” in being able to channel the universal life force energy through me to you, the client. This life force energy releases blocked energy and balances the body with the use of gentle, yet powerful hand placements.
     The focus of the energy can be directed to one specific area in the case of injury or illness. Directing the energy to a specific area can have an immediate affect that the client will acknowledge immediately after the session. Some clients have reported after a session that they feel a change has occurred in a condition that they have “lived with” for many years such as knee or back problems. The energy will naturally flow where the body needs it to positively affect the energetic systems that may be out of balance.
     A belief by the client that life force energy exists is not necessary for a session to be successful. Intention is important for any change to occur whether it is emotional, physical, or spiritual. The client participating in the session establishes the intent for change to happen.
     During the energy work session, the client remains fully clothed either sitting in a chair or laying on a massage table. Most often one will feel heat or tingling during the session but some people can feel the energy flowing through different parts of their body. A session lasts between 50 – 75 minutes.  
     Remote healing sessions are conducted in much the same manner as an in person session but they are usually shorter sessions but over several days.  I listen to the guidance of spirit as to the length of the session and the frequency.  The session is just as effective as the in person healing.  Energy has no bounderies so the remote healing is a great alternative for those people who do not live in the immediate area.
     For those scheduling remote healing sessions, you will need to email me a picture along with information detailing what the issues are that you are experiencing.

 Energy Work Testimonials

Hi Nancy,
I hope you are well! Weston has been doing so much better since you worked on him; thank you so much for all of your help. He hasn't freaked out on me since then.
Renee P., CA

Energy Work  does not take the place of  medical attention but can be used in conjunction while receiving treatment.                  

Remote Healing Session
Remote Healing Session
Remote Healing Session
After ordering, please send a detailed email to: Nancy@itsyourjourney.com detailing what the issues are that you want me to focus on during your session. Please include a picture.

Remote Healing Session$45.00