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Spiritual Healing Workshop with Travis
Cost: $35.00
You can book through Paypal.

29 April 2017
Starts: 1:00PM
Ends: 5:00PM

with Travis Sanders

April 29th

Spiritual Healing Workshop 

with Travis Sanders

Time: 1-5
Cost: $35.00

In this afternoon long workshop participants will learn Spiritual healing via the Spiritualist approach. Unlike reiki or other forms of energy manipulation (which are great) which work in a universal capacity or are directed via the healer, participants will learn how to blend with Spirit (spirit "doctors", healing spirits, chemist guides) to be a channel for that intelligence and healing energy. 

We will go over
*Sitting in the power
*Connecting with a healing Spirit
*The three point connection for successful healing
*what healing is and isnt
*Common blocks to spiritual healing
*Distant healing techniques
*Healing circles and groups
*Healing for self as well as others
*If time allows we may also explore a deeper aspect of overshadowing- dipping our toes just slightly into trance healing. 

This is a participation workshop as well as informational
Spots are limited. 

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