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Pain Relief Clinic with Rena Gaudin & Janelle Wittenbrook
Cost: $50.00
You can book through Paypal.

23 July 2017
Starts: 12:00PM
Ends: 3:00PM



July 23rd

Pain Relief Clinic

                          Rena Gaudin                  Janelle Wittenbrook

                                          Time: 12-3 PM
                              $50.00 for 30 minute (Prepaid)
                              $55.00 for 30 minute (At The Door)

Note:  If you prepay, you must call the shop 419-433-0888 to schedule your time slot

Got Pain? Get Relief!

Are you putting up with chronic neck, shoulder or back & hip pain?

Do you pop a couple pain killers or rub some pain relief product on for some temporary relief?

Choosing that method for long standing pain can lead to more serious problems.

Chronic pain relief requires more.

We are offering a different approach so that you can get relief.

Here’s what you can expect from our upcoming pain relief clinic.

  • 30 minute pain neutralization sessions
  • remain fully clothed
  • treatment targeted to your needs
  • affordable

Sessions are 30 minutes

Call 419-433-0888  now to secure your spot.

If you are relying on over- the- counter pain relievers to suppress chronic pain – the horrible truth is that long term use of these products can damage your liver or kidneys. Google it if you doubt this.

Pain may:

  • Make you tired
  • Increase depression
  • Deteriorate tissue
  • Increase stress


  • Cause a cycle of unending pain
  • Tight muscles pull on the bone and other muscles pull the other way to bring the bone back in place.

This creates constant tension and pressure on the joints and can cause wear and joint deterioration.

The damage doesn’t happen overnight but can take years.

Your body is telling you that something is wrong through the language of pain.

Suppressing pain and ignoring the cause can lead to further damage such as arthritis and joint wear. The damage may then require surgery, joint replacement, or other invasive measures.

Relieving tension from muscle tightness has helped some arthritis pain by relieving pressure on the joint.

Pain is the number one reason people go to see a doctor.

I did that too because I had a lot of chronic pain years ago.

Taking prescriptions with side-effects for years wasn’t a solution for me.

I found that the right type of body and energy work can reduce or eliminate many types of pain.  

Having had chronic body- wide pain has helped me to understand your pain and how to help.

Reserve your spot today and safely, naturally, and effectively relieve pain.

I’m Rena Gaudin, a Pain Relief Specialist, licensed Massage Therapist and Ennergetics Practitioner and am certified in a number of healing modalities.

Janelle Wittenbrook is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master.  She specializes in pain relief , helping to relieve you of debilitating pain.

Take care of your body as it is with you your whole life.

Call It’s Your Journey at 419-433-0888 to reserve your spot.

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