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Healing Sessions with Jenny Ortolani
20 July 2017
Starts: 1:00PM
Ends: 4:00PM

Healing Sessions

with Jenny Ortolani

Cost:  $65.00 per session

Note: Sessions must be prescheduled.  Walkins for these sessions are not available.


     Access Consciousness is an approach with a set of simple techniques, tools, and processes that guide you to tap into your awareness and intuition to empower you to make choices, release the energy blocks and limitations that hold you back, and create the life that you desire.

     Access Bars is the foundation of Access Consciousness. Access Bars is an energy process that touches 32 points on the head which releases energy blocks and allows for more space and possibilities in our life.

     You simply lie on a massage table during the process and let the energy flow and dissolve with ease the limitations that hold you back.

     Are you ready to perceive your life differently; perceive your relationships to your body, to others, to money differently; perceive your confidence, your emotions and general approach to life differently?


         Aromatouch is a relaxing,  gentle,  hands on technique applying eight essential oils (balance, lavender, melaleuca, on guard, aromatouch, deep blue, wild orange, peppermint) on the back and feet. 

     Application of essential oils is done while lying face down on a massage table.  

     This technique was created to combat four systemic constants: stress, toxic insult, inflammation, and autonomic balance, any or all of which impair homeostasis. 

     The benefits of essential oils have been well documented as an integral component in enhancing both physical and emotional health for centuries. 

Elemental Reflexology

Elemental Reflexology is a very gentle form of foot reflexology that integrates the ancient principles and point-specific work of reflexology with modern energy principles of Polarity.  Elemental Reflexology makes significant changes in your body's energetic fields.  When pressure is applied to the reflex points on the feet, pridictable and positive changes occur elsewhere in the body.  This enables the body to mobilize healing energies wherever they are needed in the body.

Benefits of Elemental Reflexology are: deep relaxation, decreased anxiety and stress reduction, feeling centered and balanced, pain management, and increased energy and focus.  Elemental Reflexology can help you let go of tension and maintain your balance in meeting the demands and stresses of your daily life by nourishing your mental health and physical vitality.

"Take care of your feet and you take care of your body!"

Jenny Ortolani is a certified Access Bars Facilitator since May 2016. Jenny is licensed to give Bars sessions and to teach and certify others to become Access Bars Practitioners. Jenny is a retired educator, elemental reflexologist, APP Associate Polarity Practitioner, Reiki Master, Relaxation Massage Practitioner, Holistic Health Advisor, and certified in Aromatherapy.

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