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Readings with Victoria Kempton
30 December 2017
Starts: 12:00PM
Ends: 6:00PM

December 30th


Victoria is the author of "Everbody's Psychic, I Just Get Paid For It"

with Victoria Kempton

Readings 12-5:30
Cost: $35.00 for 20 minutes

I am a pychic that has been doing readings for over 20+ years. I am a barebones give you answers NOW kinda of pychic. I've traveled extensively throughout the country doing readings for clients from every Walk of Life from Housewives to celebrities. I have recently published my first book Everyone's Psychic I just get paid for it. And I have started giving talks and lectures on the subjects of tarot,  psychic phenomenon and what it's like to be a professional psychic.

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