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Ennergetics with Rena Gaudin
20 January 2018
Starts: 1:00PM
Ends: 2:30PM

January 20th


with Rena Gaudin

Time: 1-2:30
Cost: $35.00

You have the Power!

Your body & nervous system processes information from life, both good & bad, through the senses and then stores it in a specific way & place.

Your brain will compare everything you experience in life against what it has already processed and stored.

This is all done automatically, unconsciously like breathing & blinking.

It's a good system because it keeps you safe.

It can make you feel good too as when you smell chocolate chip cookies baking or hear certain music.

It sucks when minor things happen and it triggers frequent anger, sadness, fear, anxiety & other stress symptoms.

The Ennergetics System shows you how you can quickly & consciously use your nervous system to get the results that you want.

Get rid of the useless bad and increase the good stuff you feel too.  💟

I didn't make this stuff up. It comes from Neuroscience research and the experiences of millions of people.

Now I didn't work with those millions but I've been studying & testing for years and am confident this system can be a life-changer.

It's worked for me and many less than millions that I've personally worked with.

You can get results in minutes.

However, if you show up with an elephant sized issue, it might take some work on your part.

That's right, I don't do it for you. This is an interactive class and you learn how to do things for yourself.

You have the power!

 Call 419-433-0888 to reserve a seat. 

Ennergetics meet up is Sat Jan 20th 1-2:30, $35.00

I’m Rena Gaudin, trained, certified, & teach and live this stuff. 


“I’m surprised at how fast this worked!” R.H.

“I wish I hadn’t waited so long to do this.” T. W.

“I felt peaceful…like I released unwanted feelings.” C.D.

“After the session, I can think of the situation and still not like what happened but it does not affect me on a cellular level where it interrupts my life.” N.R.


From a client who had tried other treatments for a year prior and still had the issue until she tried Ennergetics.  "I'm calling to cancel my next appointment. The first session worked so well that I don't need another!"

From a client with a more than a 20 year fear of heights. We tested how well the session worked by climbing a ladder up to an observation tower.  "I still don't like heights but I can climb up here and before I wouldn't have been able to do that."  This client had intense stress from a long term relationship that had gone bad.

"I had so much anger and hurt and now it just feels neutral. I feel like I can deal with the situation now."  This client retired from the police force and had trouble going to and staying asleep and had been using prescription sleep medication for years. 

"I slept last night for the first time in years without taking the sleep medication."  I recommended that he contact his physician. I checked in a month later and he had completely weaned off taking any sleep medication and was sleeping soundly.

Physical pain vanished.  "I would never have guessed that this pain I've had for a year would go away from doing this."

Overwhelmed by pain, grief, loss and trauma.  "I feel so empowered, like I can do the things that I've wanted to do but couldn't. I have my power back. I have me back."

The Stress reaction for these people was neutralized and ..... "I feel so much better!"  "I feel calm and peaceful."  "I feel so energized but calm."

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