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Private Soul Retrieval Sessions with Lisa Whitefeather
18 April 2018
Starts: 4:30PM
Ends: 6:30PM

April 18th

Private Soul Retrieval/Shamanic Healing Session

with Lisa Whitefeather

Cost: $75.00

4:30-5:30 and 5:30-6:30

In a shamanic healing session, the shamanic practitioner enters into an altered state of consciousness by their intention and with percussion sounds such as a drumming or rattling. In this altered state of consciousness the shamanic practitioner accesses the healing wisdom and powers of spirit in order to divine and treat illness. The shamanic practitioner has a strong relationships with their spiritual guides/power animals and works in partnership with them to facilitate healing. A shamanic healing session can include multiple healing modalities such as:

Extraction: (Chakra Clearing) is removing/extracting energy that is not supportive or that is blocking one’s health and wellbeing. This energy may be from to...xic environments, consumption, thoughts, and other external energies and entities.

Soul Retrieval: As a way of compensating, when trauma is experienced, the soul can disassociate in order to feel less pain in the moment. While this is a coping mechanism for the moment, it causes weakness and vulnerability to illness in the future. In a soul retrieval, the shamanic practitioner travels into the other worlds to retrieves the soul essence/soul part that was disassociated by the traumatic experience. Examples of experiences that may cause soul loss include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. It can also happen in situations like, a car or sports accident, medical surgery, heart ache from loss of a relationship or a loved one, addiction and very intense experiences that were so overwhelming in the moment that they caused spiritual injury.

Power Animal Retrieval: At birth, helping compassionate spirit guides partner with us to provide protection and companionship during our life journey. A power animal retrieval reunites us with these spirit guides, after something caused a separation.

Lisa Marie Whitefeather has been trained in numerous modalities of Shamanism such as Extraction, Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, Psychopomp, Inner Child & Ancestral Healing. Her teachers include Hank Wesselman, Jill Kuykendall, Amanda Foulger(Foundations of Shamanic Studues), Gretchen Crilly Mckay, Ross Bishop, Daniel Foor PhD and many others who are not as public with their wisdom and teachings.

If you have any questions or would like to secure this private appointment, please call Lisa at 949 842 4472. Sessions typically last one hour and costs $75.00

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