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Chakra Dynamics with Travis
22 June 2018
Starts: 6:00PM
Ends: 8:30PM

Chakra Dynamics
with Travis Sanders

Time 6-8:30pm
June 22nd
Cost: $15

In this class we will learn about the chakras, what they are, what they do, and how gaining a deeper understanding of the energetic anatomy can give us a greater empowerment in our lives. 

Over the course of this very hands on course we will cover:
How chakras and consciousness go hand in hand
Igniting and Reactive Patterns within in Chakra
Clearing and Aligning Each Energy Center
Identifying Who is in Your Field
Coding & Decoding Techniques for Balance  & Empowerment
Learning to Intuitively Read the Chakras for Yourself and Others!
and more! 

Call the shop to reserve your spot! 


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