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Winter Solstice Celebration with Tess Snyder
21 December 2018
Starts: 7:00PM
Ends: 9:00PM

December 21st

Winter Solstice Celebration

with Tess Snyder

Winter Solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years to welcome and give thanks for the return of the Sun and the light. All are welcome to join us for this ceremony of release and manifestation.

During this Sacred Ceremony, Tess will begin by calling in the Ancestors and paying homage to the Four Directions of the Sacred Wheel. We will then have a ritual of release where we will let go of objects, thoughts and emotions we no longer need, followed by a ritual for the manifestation of health and prosperity for the coming year. 

 Participants should dress comfortably and bring a pillow to sit on. Also feel free to bring a bell, rattle, tuning forks, or drum to use during the ceremony.

 Also, please bring any items from your cupboard, closet, or garage that you wish to release to a local charity for the good of others. Please make sure any food items that you wish to donate are not expired and that all other items are in good condition. In addition, think about the thoughts, emotions, or addictions that you wish to release during ceremony, and what you wish to manifest for yourself during the coming year.

There is no charge for participating, but a Love Offering will be collected to cover the cost of travel and supplies.

To register, call the shop at 419-433-0888 or go to: https://www.spirit-circle.net/winter-solstice-ceremony

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