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Aura Photos
15 August 2020
Starts: 1:00PM
Ends: 7:00PM

July 5th

Aura Photos

with Sondra Lambert

Time: 1-7
Cost: $30.00

Have you ever been interested in having your Aura Photo taken?
Come find out what your Aura 🌈 reveals about you as you
💫 Come Experience Your Beautiful Aura 🌈

Aura Photo offers you an opportunity to experience the extraordinary! Science, meets Art, meets Technology, all created within your Energy Fields.

What is an Aura?
Your Aura Photo is Your Energetic Signature in Living Color.
We all have an Aura. An aura is the vibrational energy running around and through us at any given time, translated as color.

What is Aura Photography?
Aura Photography provides you a simple process to receive a clearly defined, authentic experience with your personal Aura and Chakras in size shape and color.

$30.00 per person you are welcome to pay early if you so desire...not required www.paypal.me/auraphoto/30. be sure and bring paypal confirmation as this link is not a pre registration nor event specific

What does an Aura Photo Include?
Our package deal includes your full color photo printed, as well as an in person discussion and a detailed multiple page emailed analysis. This report explains the various components of your Aura.

Walk in are welcome appointments available upon request

Much more information is available at www.auraphoto.us

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