Note: For all classes, we ask that you call the shop at 419-433-0888 to preregister.  We do not require payment to preregister, unless required by the reader/presenter, it is to make sure you reserve your spot.

November 13th

It's Your Journey, LLC sells Intuitive Art by Chakras Root to Crown and other products starting Friday!

    December 2nd

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

with Rena Gaudin

Time: 7:15 PM

 These Monthly Classes Are Only $10.00 Each

Want An Easy but Potent Defense Against Stress?

Each month we meet to use EFT Tapping which is an easy and effective way to reduce stress in your life. Reducing stress improves life, increases good feelings, and an added benefit is that you have much more control of your life.

Any of the symptoms below may be caused by a medical condition, but even the conservative Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 85 percent of all disease has an emotional element.

Do you have any of these common effects of stress?

 Anxiety or Restlessness
 Difficulty in concentrating
 Irritability or angry outbursts
 Sadness or depression
 Headache, backache, muscle tension pain
 Chronic fatigue
 Lower sex drive
 Chronic diarrhea or constipation
 Frequent colds/flu
 Overeating or undereating
 Increased use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol
 Avoiding people & social events
 Sleeping too much or too little

Tapping has proven to be effective in calming the brain which helps the bodymind to relax. When relaxed, healing resources are available to the body and it can begin to repair the damage caused by chronic stress.
Remaining in stress reduces the body’s ability to heal because the resources are directed to fight or flight needs. Chronic unresolved stress can also lead to burnout.
Tapping is done on the main energy meridians (paths) on the body. It is gentle and easy to learn and do. It is appropriate for all ages.
Learn to use tapping or you can continue to refine your skills.
This is an interactive event. All types of issues are addressed and some examples are issues with anger, money woes, personal relationship problems, not being recognized, weight, health, stress, fears, limitations, etc.

Monthly Tap to Wellness Event - 1st Wed each month, using Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), 7-8:30pm, $10.
PLEASE call 419-433-0888 or Rena at 440-787-9235 to reserve your spot.

December 4th

Readings with Psychic Medium Melinda Carver

Time: 12-6pm
Cost: $30.00 for 15 minutes
$60.00 for 30 minutes

Let Melinda assist you with clarity & enlightenment for your life issues!Melinda is a Clauraudient, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient Psychic Medium.  She can SEE, HEAR & SENSE Spirit Guides, Angels and Deceased Loved Ones & Pets.  Melinda assists you whether you are having a reading for confirmation or enlightenment.

Melinda can see into your future - people coming or going from your life, and give you the answers that you seek to what is coming up in your life.   Love & Relationships, Family Issues, Work & Finances, and any other questions you may have.  Melinda connects with the Spirit World to give you your messages from the Other Side.  Melinda uses a mix of Psychic Ability, Spirit Messages and Tarot in her readings.   She also provides Energy Cord Cuttings & Healings to remove emotional baggage & blockages

Dec 5th

Wire/Stone Wrapping Class with Sue

Time: 1-3pm
Cost: $10.00

In this class you will learn the basic techniques of wire wrapping. You will learn what type of wire to use and what hand tools make it easy. Supplies are included in this class and you will go home with two stones that you have wrapped yourself!  Bring your own stones also.

Dec 5th

Free Readings with the Purchase of a Chakras Root To Crown Kit

Purchase a Kit which includes:
Oracle Cards
Oracle Card Workbook
Oracle Card Coloring Book
Receive a
FREE 20 minute Reading

Purchase $100.00 in ANY of these products and receive a
FREE 45 minute Reading


Jenessee Roy
owner of Chakras Root To Crown


I took a Journey that came to be called “Root to Crown, a Chakra Journey in 94 Days”, during these 94 days I peered deep inside myself and discovered what it was that truly made up this vehicle I ride around in. I learned the secret language of Chakra’s and how they hold our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blueprints for change. This Journey started out with one book and one purpose and has transcended any and all expectation into a fully blow transformation journey for myself and others willing to go along for the ride.
     If you are anything like me and you hear a call somewhere inside urging you to step up and take charge of your life I encourage you to take this leap of faith. Let’s go on an exciting adventure of self discovery! Let’s explore who we are, what our destiny is, and why our soul longs to be recognized.

It is my souls passion to share this learned information with anyone willing to become more present and fulfilled in their own lives. If this sound like you stay tuned for an exciting guided adventure into your soul where real magic and transformation awaits you.

Jenessee Roy: Author, Artist, Intuitive, Teacher, Spa Director, Mother & Philanthropist

Jenessee's career started at 19 years of age when she moved from California to Rhode Island to help open a new spa within a resort property. After receiving an opportunity to travel the world Jenessee chose to leave spa management for a traveling educator position. It was here that Jenessee had the unique pleasure to train spa practitioners all over the world on all things healing, metaphysical, esthetics and cosmetic chemistry.

Jenessee used her early love for all things spiritual to help educate those surrounding her within the spa industry. Having developed her own gifts at a very your age Jenessee studied chakra theory and other metaphysical sciences until theory took a back seat to practice. Today Jenessee is a practicing Clairvoyant and teaches others how to develop and fine tune their own unique gifts and talents. Documenting her own healing journey, Jenessee wrote her first book, “Root to Crown, A 94 Day Chakra Journey” which lead her to creating the Oracle Deck and Workbook she now uses to help teach others about the energetic fields surrounding all things.

Today Jenessee can still be found in the spa industry where she merges the metaphysical world with that of the mind, body and wellness industry. Her goal is to touch as many people as possible spreading messages of light and love everywhere she goes. Passionate about not only the human journey, but also that of the animals amongst us, Jenessee donates a portion of all she earns to Art to Save the Animals a 501(c)(3) charity.

December 11th

Spirit Drawing Presentation

with J:D Aricchi
Time: 6 PM

J:D will be doing a presentation of spirit drawing in charcoal and showing some of his digital drawings.  If your courious about how J:D does his amazing work, then don't miss this FREE presentation.

One person will recieve the drawing he does during this presentation!  Don't miss this great event. 

December 12th

Spirit Drawings and Oracle Readings

***Makes a Great X-mas gift, All he needs is the recipiants name!!!***

with J:D Aricchi

Charcoal 5x7 $30.00
Charcoal 8x10 $40.00
Two Tone 5x7 $40.00
Two Tone 8x10 $50.00
Oracle Card Readings $20.00 for 15 minutes


One part psychic reading, one part art, & one part intuitive tool, Spirit Art is all about you. The process of creating spirit art is by channeling a picture intended for you, or a person of your choosing. This is done by connecting to divine guidance and trusting the outcome. J:D has been doing Spirit Art and Spirit Drawings for over 10 years with many satisfied clients. 
Initially your Spirit Art or Spirit Drawing, is an original piece of art created for you. This itself is it a rarity. Additionally, you will receive a "general interpretation" of the art. Interpretations are similar to a reading, but the interpretation is truly just the starting point. Because the picture is created via "channeled energy", in its own right, energetically alive. Now before anyone cringes or gets "creeped out", keep in mind it is divine energy. The same energy we are all apart of and connected to. The energy in the picture can literally show you things about yourself and about your path. It is a tool for guidance.

December 12th

Angel Readings

with Lynn Gerstacker

Time: 10-6 PM
Cost: $30.00 for 30 minutes


December 18th

Readings with Victoria

I am one of the third generation of women in my family to have Clairvoyant Psychic abilities. I also have been reading the Tarot since I was child. I am here to help you make stronger decisions about love, money, family and career. With advance knowledge about the future, you can avoid the pitfalls and make optimum decisions that will enhance your life. I use a tarot deck that is based on medieval themes and times, and I will answer your questions step by step and let you control what information I seek for you. I look forward to helping you find the answers you are looking for.

Cost $30

December 19th

Massage or EFT

with Rena Gaudin
Cost: $60.00/hour

Rena is a nationally known holistic Bodyworker and an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping practitioner. Her additional training in Aromatherapy, Reiki, Law of Attraction, Hypnosis & NLP,  provides you with a well rounded practitioner who can help you receive the best holistic care.
She has taught Massage Therapy at local colleges, is a workshop leader, and holds monthly group tapping sessions.
She is licensed to perform Massage and specializes in deep tissue pain relief.  Rena has also completed Basic through Advanced EFT training.  "I've traveled from one end of this country to the other to learn from some of the best in both bodywork and energy techniques. It is a privilege to be a part of helping people make positive changes in their lives."

Contact Rena for either a Massage or an EFT session at: 440-787-9235.



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