Remote Spirit Releasement Testimonials

"The results were remarkable. After 2 years of testing positive for Scleroderma, 2 days after the RSR was accomplished, annual blood work was performed to check the Scleroderma levels and all results came back negative. Tests were repeated, same result, no findings! Then 3 weeks later a phenominal job offer came through that will no doubt be life changing.  I can't thank you enough. I was and still am stunned at the results I saw in my daughter."


"We would like to thank you both for your great work.  Dori said she feels great release and tranquility."

Ocala, FL

"My home seems less "bogged down" since the releasement. I am not sure how else to describe the change. It is just more light and the mood of everyone seems to be more light-hearted and not so moody. I also no longer see the dark shadow moving quickly past my line of vision. The really strange thing was that my hair is no longer flat on the left side like it had been for years and I have better range of motion with my left arm now.  Thank you so much for that!"

Bellevue, OH

"As feedback on the last RSR, the edge on my wife's anger has disappeared since the day of the RSR. My son is slowly improving. He seems to have more energy, instead of being constantly drained."

Troy, MI

"I feel great! For the first time in a long time, I had absolutely NO cramps in my legs and feet last night. WOW! I ALWAYS cramp up in my arches when I'm lying in bed. My feet feel so much better! Amazing!  I'm real curious to see as time goes by if my migraines go away. I  get them every couple of weeks, so it won't take long to see how I'm doing there. I'm also curious how my back will respond. In the past, I would be fixing meals for my family and my back would start to "just ache." I would keep going until I would just HAVE to sit down because my lower back would ache sooooo bad! Once again, Thank you both sooooo much."

Nancy T.
Lorain, OH

 It's truly amazing...!!! I see a most defiantly change in him and a  change for the better!! I am still very skeptical. I watch him like  a hawk and I am still observing him, his speech. behavior. his  sleeping patterns etc. A few very positive observations...he is so, so nice now. like before he is engaging me in conversation. joking, laughing. he is more lively and very accommodating. If I ask him to do something for me. he does it!!! Since the RSR he has not been mean to me in his speech. like saying what he use to say to me. "None of your business". "I am not talking to you". "No one asked for your opinion". "When my Mom dies and your Mom dies we're getting a divorce!" He always put me down. verbally and he never ever did that before. Every year I have to ask him to go up in the attic to bring down the Christmas decorations and the tree and the outside lighting.  When I would ask him he purposely wouldn't do it. like would make me beg and beg. so over the years I just gave up. As he was pushing me away from him. But this year I didn't even have to ask him!!! I came home the tree and all the decorations were in the family room and he and my son already put the tree up. I did the decorations.....and he  checked the outside lighting and then he went to the store and I was  like why do you need to go to the store. (as he never goes anywhere). he said, "Oh those outside lights are old and very dull. I want to buy some new ones." I almost fainted!!!! We did go to visit my older daughter mid Nov to finally see her new house. She's been in that house for a year and he would never want to go. This time I asked him and he said ok. I almost fainted again!!!! I told her to observe Dad she did. She said she thought he was more upbeat. Now he's even texting our younger daughter asking how she is doing. So he is really getting the kids back into his life. whereas before he ignored them and never talked to them. Now I am working on him to go to see his Mom. I did ask him the other day and he didn't answer me. I asked again yesterday and he said. "Well maybe." So Nancy I do see a vast change, and a change for the good!!!! I pray each night and thank you for you offering this RSR service and thank God I found you to be able to help him.

Deeply Grateful

I was concerned about a loved one who was behaving differently and causing some problems.  I didn't tell my loved one that Nancy Ritz was going to do a Spirit Releasement session. I also didn't know when it would take place.  I noticed this person's behavior begin to change back to normal. Soon after I received a written report from Nancy about the session.

Wow! I am impressed with the results and the detailed professional report.  I highly recommend this service provided by Nancy.

Rena Gaudin