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Nancy Ritz CHt, RMT

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About Spirit Releasement

Have you ever thought, "I'm not myself."  "This is not me."  Or a sudden physical condition that can't be explained?  This could be an indication of Spirit Attachment.  Spirit Attachment, indicating an interference, on a physical or subconscious level, is a much more common occurrence than full spirit possession.

     Some researchers in the field estimate that between 70-100% of the population are affected by one or more attachments during their lifetime.  Most attachments are random.  Your energy field becomes in alignment with the spirits energy and thus they feel a pull towards you.  After over 20 years in this field and over 800 releasements to date, my reaserch has shown that no one is completely protected from the possibility of a spirit attachment.

When we talk about spirit attachment, they can be benevolent in nature, wanting to serve a personal need, neutral, and even malevolent in nature.  Most attached entities fall into one of four different categories:  earthbound spirits of deceased humans, dark ones, extraterrestrials, and thought forms (either created by you or that has been sent by someone else). 
     During my Remote Spirit Releasement process, I use a very clear, rational and methodical approach.  I put myself is an altered state and connect with the client to conduct the scanning process.  The entire session is recorded and all the findings of the communication from the spirit(s) are compiled and a typed report after the session is sent to the person who contracted the session.

     Research compiled has found that after a session, you may feel an immediate change in either your physical body or your thoughts.  The change may take the course of days or weeks and it's so subtle that you may not have any noticeable indications and preceive that the session did not work.  This could be because the spirit(s) found were not the complete cause of your current emotional, physical, or mental situation.  Spirit Releasement is not a replacement for mental health situations, but can work in conjunction with working with a professional mental health expert.

     Nancy was trained in Spirit Releasement Therapy in 1996 by the late William J. Baldwin, D.D.S., PH.D. author of Spirit Releasement Therapy:  A Technique Manual and Healing Lost Souls.  She has conducted over 2000 Remote Spirit Releasements for clients all over the world.
     If you think you or someone you know shows signs of being influenced by a spirit attachment, then a remote spirit releasement might be right for you.

My schedule is such that there is usually a 2-3 week waiting list.

***If you do not use paypal you may pay by check or money order.  Send to:
It's Your Journey, LLC  4750 Cleveland Road E., Huron, OH  44839.  Make sure you include information pertaining to the issues that you are experiencing.  Please also include your email address and a photo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does everyone have spirit attachmet?
I would have to say yes and no.  Some earthbound spirits will come into your energy/auric field only for a short time and do not stay long enough to impose their energy on your physical body.  But even though some do not stay for long they can cause a disruption in your energy field which will make it easier for other spirits to attach.

I'm sensing something in my house that I can feel/sense around me.  Should I have a spirit releasement done?
No, you should first do a house cleansing.  The spirit is probably not influencing you on a physical level and can probably be helped just by doing a house cleansing using white sage.

I have a physical condition that the doctors can't explain.
Spirit Releasement is not a replacement for medical care.  If your condition does not seem to change after having medical treatment then a Spirit Releasement could be an avenue to explore.  I have had only three cases (that I know of) where physical conditions that could not be explained and could not be treated through medical treatment where after a Spirit Releasement the condition went away.

Why do you require a photo and background information before a Spirit Releasement?
I use the person's name, address and their photo to make my connection during the Spirit Releasement.  I ask for information about what has brought you to feel a Spirit Releasement is necessary because I have found that at times a Spirit Releasement on a person is not necessary, that doing a house cleansing should be a first option.  With that being said, there are instances where a person has done a house cleansing and is still experiencing problems such as being scratched, pushed, etc.  In that case, I would recommend a Remote Spirit Releasement on the home.  Once I have read the background information on a client and I feel that a Remote Spirit Releasement could possibily help, then a date and time is set up.  After initially reading the background information on the client, I do not reread this information again until after the releasement is completed.  I do this to see if any of the spirits or energeries that I have found coorespond to the information that the client has shared with me.

How often should I have a Remote Spirit Releasement?
You know yourself better than anyone else.  When you're not feeling like yourself; you feel off balance, having thoughts that you know aren't yours, physical conditions that cannot be explained/treated by a medical professional, etc., then a Remote Spirit Releasement might be a modality to explore.

Can I have a Remote Spirit Releassement done on someone else without them knowing?
If you feel that a family member, such as a child, spouse, etc. is showing signs of spirit attachment and would not necessarily be open to the modality, then a Remote Spirit Releasement could be an option to help them.  I always ask a persons higher self for permission to work with the person prior to the session beginning.  I have never had a persons higher self, unless it was being blocked by a spirit, ever tell me that I cannot work with the person.

REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders within the United States)
REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders within the United States)
With the Remote Spirit Releasement you will receive a report of the complete findings sent to you via email.

NOTE: The total cost is $150.00. Because sales tax will be charged during checkout, the price here reflects the sales tax not included until during checkout.
REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders within the United States)$140.56
REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders Outside the United States)
REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders Outside the United States)
This process includes a Remote Spirit Releasement along with Soul Retrieval. Detailed report will be emailed.

NOTE: The total cost is $150.00. Because shipping will be charged during checkout, the price here reflects the shipping cost not included until during checkout.

REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders Outside the United States)$101.00

Instructions After Paying:

After you purchase the process by using the Paypal button above please send me an email at: info@itsyourjourney.com with the following information

  • Describe what you've been noticing that lead you to this process
  • Your address (or the address of the person you are having the work done for)
  • Your age.  (or the age of the person you are having the work done for)
  • If you can send a picture that is also very helpful.  Please send it as a .jpeg and keep the size around 200x200.


  • The releasement will NOT be scheduled until I receive the above information.
  • I will only do one person, not the person and the home they live in.  To  do a person and a home you must purchase separate releasements.
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