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Tarot & Palmistry with Julie
9 December 2023
Starts: 10:00AM
Ends: 5:00PM

I am a lifelong educator and lifelong learner. I've always been intuitive, creative, and "seeing what is not there." I am truly blessed that my spiritual journey progressed in many formal and informal ways. In early childhood my best friends were invisible! As a young adult I began visiting mediums and psychics. Thorna Krause of Sandusky is still my inspiration. Once I began meditating, practicing Reikei, and reading tarot cards; I decided to learn to read palms. I studied in the winter of 1999 and then practiced on free clients at Put-in Bay (my practicum.) I practiced palm reading and tarot cards informally until I began reading professionally in 2011. I still love working with clients' hands and giving readings in 2019! I also dearly love my psychic friends. Their friendships are like no others!

Choosing between palm reading and tarot reading? Depends on what you want to know. Palm reading is an ancient way of looking at how the fingers and palms are marked with lines, spaces, hills or shapes. My readings may describe characteristics, career paths, and the timings of life changes. Palm reading is more personal and introspective. Tarot readings usually include events and the people around you. Tarot readings can provide advice on upcoming situations. Both readings offer fascinating lenses to view your circumstances and may present suggestions for shifting through life's changes.

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$40 for 30 mins

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