Remote Spirit Releasement Testimonials

"The results were remarkable. After 2 years of testing positive for Scleroderma, 2 days after the RSR was accomplished, annual blood work was performed to check the Scleroderma levels and all results came back negative. Tests were repeated, same result, no findings! Then 3 weeks later a phenominal job offer came through that will no doubt be life changing.  I can't thank you enough. I was and still am stunned at the results I saw in my daughter."


"We would like to thank you both for your great work.  Dori said she feels great release and tranquility."

Ocala, FL

"My home seems less "bogged down" since the releasement. I am not sure how else to describe the change. It is just more light and the mood of everyone seems to be more light-hearted and not so moody. I also no longer see the dark shadow moving quickly past my line of vision. The really strange thing was that my hair is no longer flat on the left side like it had been for years and I have better range of motion with my left arm now.  Thank you so much for that!"

Bellevue, OH

"As feedback on the last RSR, the edge on my wife's anger has disappeared since the day of the RSR. My son is slowly improving. He seems to have more energy, instead of being constantly drained."

Troy, MI

"I feel great! For the first time in a long time, I had absolutely NO cramps in my legs and feet last night. WOW! I ALWAYS cramp up in my arches when I'm lying in bed. My feet feel so much better! Amazing!  I'm real curious to see as time goes by if my migraines go away. I  get them every couple of weeks, so it won't take long to see how I'm doing there. I'm also curious how my back will respond. In the past, I would be fixing meals for my family and my back would start to "just ache." I would keep going until I would just HAVE to sit down because my lower back would ache sooooo bad! Once again, Thank you both sooooo much."

Nancy T.
Lorain, OH

 It's truly amazing...!!! I see a most defiantly change in him and a  change for the better!! I am still very skeptical. I watch him like  a hawk and I am still observing him, his speech. behavior. his  sleeping patterns etc. A few very positive observations...he is so, so nice now. like before he is engaging me in conversation. joking, laughing. he is more lively and very accommodating. If I ask him to do something for me. he does it!!! Since the RSR he has not been mean to me in his speech. like saying what he use to say to me. "None of your business". "I am not talking to you". "No one asked for your opinion". "When my Mom dies and your Mom dies we're getting a divorce!" He always put me down. verbally and he never ever did that before. Every year I have to ask him to go up in the attic to bring down the Christmas decorations and the tree and the outside lighting.  When I would ask him he purposely wouldn't do it. like would make me beg and beg. so over the years I just gave up. As he was pushing me away from him. But this year I didn't even have to ask him!!! I came home the tree and all the decorations were in the family room and he and my son already put the tree up. I did the decorations.....and he  checked the outside lighting and then he went to the store and I was  like why do you need to go to the store. (as he never goes anywhere). he said, "Oh those outside lights are old and very dull. I want to buy some new ones." I almost fainted!!!! We did go to visit my older daughter mid Nov to finally see her new house. She's been in that house for a year and he would never want to go. This time I asked him and he said ok. I almost fainted again!!!! I told her to observe Dad she did. She said she thought he was more upbeat. Now he's even texting our younger daughter asking how she is doing. So he is really getting the kids back into his life. whereas before he ignored them and never talked to them. Now I am working on him to go to see his Mom. I did ask him the other day and he didn't answer me. I asked again yesterday and he said. "Well maybe." So Nancy I do see a vast change, and a change for the good!!!! I pray each night and thank you for you offering this RSR service and thank God I found you to be able to help him.

Deeply Grateful

I was concerned about a loved one who was behaving differently and causing some problems.  I didn't tell my loved one that Nancy Ritz was going to do a Spirit Releasement session. I also didn't know when it would take place.  I noticed this person's behavior begin to change back to normal. Soon after I received a written report from Nancy about the session.

Wow! I am impressed with the results and the detailed professional report.  I highly recommend this service provided by Nancy.

Rena Gaudin

Hi Nancy,

Thank you, I did receive my reports and they were fascinating and informative. I had hip pain for about 15 years or so and it is resolved, probably the entity that was hit by a car in the pelvic region. Also the dark wings were fascinating! Exactly how I felt, anxious at times and when I was overwhelmed I would just blow up then I'd feel so guilty I'd be apologizing to family and hoping they were ok. They had gotten used to me blowing when overwhelmed and never took it too seriously-yay! Feeling great except for 24 days of bronchitis and laryngitis but it is finally resolving so I'm starting to get some energy. Slept really good two nights recently so I hope I'll have more good sleep once illness resolves.

Thank you!
Jill L.

LaSalle, CO

I am amazed at the findings - especially tin regards to the spirit named Kenneth!   Kenneth was the spirit who had Leukemia when he was alive, and he wanted to experience healthy blood when he attached to Maureen.  He stated that he wanted to  "Try to get some fresh blood that wasn't diseased."  As I previously mentioned mentioned to you, Maureen was diagnosed with severe anemia when she was 15 years old (the same year that Kenneth attached to Maureen).  Maureen has not been the same since then, and she has experienced a lot of
fatigue - so much so that she has missed a lot of school.

Nancy, Maureen seems so much happier now.  It is really wonderful to see her happy again!  I am thinking of scheduling a spiritual release for my son too.  :)

Thank you so much!
Mary T.
Pittsburgh, PA

"Thank you Nancy for the tireless work you and your channel do to make this world a better place.

Right after the releasements occurred for our family, things greatly improved. I stopped drinking coffee and started dreaming at night. I felt much more rested and could actually think more clearly and remember what happened during the daytime with ease. My wife mentioned that I no longer would say nasty things during the night or scare her by shaking her awake at 3am, then roll over and sleep like nothing happened. The releasement made a huge difference!

My wife lost the sharp edge to her anger that seemed to be coming from somebody else, which helped her to work on her anger quite a lot. Her headaches, shoulder and neck pain caused by the spirit that broke his neck falling from a barn roof almost disappeared entirely. Her suicidal thoughts and her strong desire to want to run away from conflict are gone as well.

My son no longer complains about back and leg pain upon waking (caused by a spirit that died from breast cancer) and he lost his anger as well as his constant hitting and kicking me - things are definitely improved.

My daughter lost a bit of her anger (she's a Taurus, so that's not completely going away!) and she has not thrown up at mealtime even once since the releasement 4 months ago.

I simply cannot recommend Remote Spiritual Releasement enough - this can change your life!

Thank you,

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dear Lynn and Nancy,

One week has passed since my son’s RSR and I am infinitely thankful to see his smiling face again.


About 5 years ago we moved from the Caribbean to the States. I knew this change was hard for him but now is when I realized how hard. He started middle school right then which was already a difficult age and on top of that in a second language. In addition, our social status changed as well. At that point we were living in a small apartment, my husband was unemployed and I was a teacher assistant. However, two months earlier, we owned a big house, my husband owned a restaurant and I was an accountant. Wow! Of course, this didn’t make sense to him at all.

He became very quiet and lonely at home  but, as he was growing up, he started to be very concerned about his reputation at school so he started to pretend to be someone he wasn’t. He wanted to be seen as someone tough that nobody could trick. I took him to therapy a couple of times  because I knew something was wrong  but he quickly quitted because it wasn’t working, as per his words. About 4 months ago, everything went out of control and he asked me for help. He told me that he thought he had a double personality. He didn’t want any regular therapy so I took him to hypnosis but again, it did not work. Since then, his constant complaints  about everything increased, his bad mood and negative perspective, as well.

I am a spiritual person who meditates every morning and thanks to this situation my spiritual connection increased. I was able to connect with my son’s higher self and he made me aware of  an attached entity. I looked for help and continued  to meditate trying to open a portal for the entity to leave with the support of Masters and Archangels and,  just  when I thought it was done,  my son had an awful episode where the entity showed up. At that point, I was guided to you because the words spirit releasement caught my attention and, when looking for information, I found your website.

When I received your report one week ago everything made sense, the timing and background were both accurate. But more importantly, my son smiles every day and he has NOT complained at all. That is a HUGE achievement. I think there is still work to do but  his improvement was noticeable right away. For all this I am very, very, very thankful.

Please, continue to help better the world the way you are doing it. I wish more people would  understand that mental health issues are caused by these entities and that this is the way to heal them.



Texas (2/18)

I’m feeling wonderful!  I felt the shifts as you were working with me.  Definitely feel more relaxed. The anxiety, nothings good enough, bitterness and sharp speaking tones, irrational fear of drowning are gone. I just feel downright happy 😊

Kim W.
Michigan (3/18)

I am 2 weeks out from the releasement. People are responding to me like they once did, kinder. I feel stronger and that I have more energy. I no longer have this black cloud around. My thought patterns have changed. Things feel more optimistic. I feel like I get better and better every day!

Kimberly G
Michigan (01/26/19)

Our nightmare began when we went to St. Joes Hospital in April 2018. We went on a tour of the hospital. We heard babies crying and saw a lot of blood. A nun kept following us through the whole tour. We felt overwhelmed and nauseous and wanted to cry both Hunter and I. Hunter experienced severe vertigo also. When we went to the morgue he was scratched 3 times and felt severe burning. We were relieved to get out of the hospital.

After the tour everything started to go downhill for Hunter. He suffered from depression and anxiety. Wrote a suicide note and went from high honors in school to failing every class. He had behavioral issues his teachers said, by causing problems in class. He beat up 2 kids. Started vaping. This is not like my child. We started fighting and he became distant and different. He was very cold towards me. He quit karate and stayed in his room all the time with the shade pulled. We went to regular doctors with no help for Hunter. All they did was over medicate him.  At this point I knew we needed help some place else. I was so happy to find It’s Your Journey and Nancy. She was the answer to our prayers.

Hunter kept saying he could see a dark shadow and smelled it in his room. I could feel chills in his room and one day got a severe migraine from provoking the dark shadow. I splashed holy water on myself and I said in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit. I then splashed holy water on Hunter and said the same, and said I cast you out in Jesus name. Hunter got severe scratches all over his back. A cross flipped upside down on to my bed in my bedroom. A coin with a pentagram appeared in his room and writing appeared on his wall. I got rid of the coin and Hunter got more scratches on his arm. At this point I needed Nancy.  She recommended a spirit releasement for Hunter.

The night before the releasement Hunter kept seeing the dark shadow and I even smelled it too. I prayed to the arch angels to protect us and fell asleep and woke up to a white mist. The morning of the releasement Hunter went to school like normal.  I left the house. Nancy called when it was done. I came back home. The air felt clear and not as heavy you could breathe. I went to his room it felt happy again.

I picked Hunter up that day he said he got sick in school. When he came home he said the house felt happier and he could breathe again. He hasn’t seen the dark shadow any more. Thank God. His grades are starting to come up, he is getting B’s not F’s. We are not fighting and he wants to go places again as a family.  He is now back at karate. Things are starting to go back to normal. My son isn’t lost no more. Thank you Nancy for saving him and bringing him back to me.

Dundee A

March 3, 2019

I just wanted to take a moment and let people know how talented Nancy Is from It's Your Journey is! Recently Nancy did a Remote Spirit Releasement. For the past 20 Yrs I have experienced racing thoughts, anxiety, mood swings, emotional outbursts, suicidal thoughts, rage & various other emotions that were just puzzeling to me since I have a somewhat normal life. Had some therapy, accupuncture & the support of girlfriends with not much results. So Nancy lets me know what day and time she plans to do the Releasement and I didn't give it another thought. The next morning comes and as the day goes by I realize I don't feel all Jumbled Up inside & a calmness stills seems to linger with me to this day! After I got my report from Nancy on Releasement I can see the Cause that happened 20yrs ago and what transpired from that event  "It All Makes Sense" !!  Nancy knew nothing of my past yet I concur these events happenned.  She is remarkable so give her a chance and see what can happen to you!

As We Journey
Susan Y.
February 2019

After the clearing and unbounding my clients in Ashland have increased.  Hope it continues.  Again Thank You!

Janelle W.
February 2019

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