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Nancy Ritz CHt, RMT

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About Spirit Releasement

Have you ever thought, "I'm not myself."  "This is not me."  Or a sudden physical condition that can't be explained?  This is only a couple of things that can indicate an influence from spirit attachment.  Other indications can be: Sudden addiction problem, feeling like you don't belong, feeling like there's a cloud around you.  Spirit Attachment, indicating an interference, on a physical or subconscious level, is a much more common occurrence than full spirit possession.

     Some researchers in the field estimate that between 70-100% of the population are affected by one or more attachments during their lifetime.  Most attachments are random.  Your energy field becomes in alignment with the spirits energy and thus they feel a pull towards you.  After over 20 years in this field and over 800 releasements to date, my reaserch has shown that no one is completely protected from the possibility of a spirit attachment.

When we talk about spirit attachment, they can be benevolent in nature, wanting to serve a personal need, neutral, and even malevolent in nature.  Most attached entities fall into one of four different categories:  earthbound spirits of deceased humans, dark ones, extraterrestrials, and thought forms (either created by you or that has been sent by someone else). 

What you will receive from a Remote Spirit Releasement:

During my Remote Spirit Releasement process, I use a very clear, rational and methodical approach.  I put myself is an altered state and connect with the client to conduct the scanning process.  The entire session is recorded and all the findings of the communication from the spirit(s) are compiled and a typed report after the session is sent to the person who contracted the session.

One thing that will not change after a Remote Spirit Releasement is someone's free-will.  If someone has a drinking problem, and even if I find a spirit attached to him that was an alcoholic, does not mean that just because I helped Joe go to the light, that the drinking problem of the client is going to change.

We all want the best for people we care about, but we do not know what their life lessons are supposed to be and what lessons they are here to help us learn.  So if you're considering a session for someone else to try to change their behavior to be more suitable to you, then I do not recommend a session being conducted.

It's also very important that after the releasement is complete that you do not focus on "looking" for the those feelings that brought you to having a releasement conducted in the first place.  When you do this, you can be opening yourself up to attracting other spirits that have the same energy as the one that was with you in the first place.

As much as I try to contain a clients energy to hold any spirits that are with them, a spirit can, and will at times vacate a person's energy if they feel me there and they do not want to be found.  They will go just far enough out of a person's energy so that I do not find them and then when they feel my energy is gone will reattach.  You have to remember that spirits have free-will also.

Things that can help keep your energy clear of spirits is daily meditation, which raises your vibration.  Sage your home when you feel the energy is getting a dense/thick feeling and when doing the cleansing, make sure you include yourself.

Research compiled has found that after a session, you may feel an immediate change in either your physical body or your thoughts.  The change may take the course of days or weeks and it's so subtle that you may not have any noticeable indications and preceive that the session did not work.  This could be because the spirit(s) found were not the complete cause of your current emotional, physical, or mental situation.  Spirit Releasement is not a replacement for health situations, but can work in conjunction with working with a professional health expert.

     I was trained in Spirit Releasement Therapy in 1996 by the late William J. Baldwin, D.D.S., PH.D. author of Spirit Releasement Therapy:  A Technique Manual and Healing Lost Souls.  I has conducted over 2000 Remote Spirit Releasements for clients all over the world.
     If you think you or someone you know shows signs of being influenced by a spirit attachment, then a remote spirit releasement might be right for you.

My schedule is such that there is usually a 2-3 week waiting list.

***If you do not use paypal you may pay by check or money order.  Send to:
It's Your Journey, LLC  4750 Cleveland Road E., Huron, OH  44839.  Make sure you include information pertaining to the issues that you are experiencing.  Please also include your email address and a photo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does everyone have spirit attachmet?
Some earthbound spirits will come into your energy/auric field only for a short time and do not stay long enough to impose their energy on your physical body.  But even though some do not stay for long they can cause a disruption in your energy field which will make it easier for other spirits to attach.

I'm sensing something in my house that I can feel/sense around me.  Should I have a spirit releasement done?
I would suggest you first do a house cleansing using white sage.  The spirit is probably not influencing you on a physical level and can probably be helped just by doing a house cleansing.

I have a physical condition that the doctors can't explain.
Spirit Releasement is not a replacement for medical care.  If your condition does not seem to change after having medical treatment then a Spirit Releasement could be an avenue to explore.  I have had only three cases (that I know of) where physical conditions that could not be explained and could not be treated through medical treatment, where after a Spirit Releasement the condition went away.

Why do you require a photo and background information before a Spirit Releasement?
I use the person's name, address and their photo to make my connection during the Spirit Releasement.  I ask for information about what has brought you to feel a Spirit Releasement is necessary because I have found that at times a Spirit Releasement on a person is not necessary, that doing a house cleansing should be a first option.  With that being said, there are instances where a person has done a house cleansing and is still experiencing problems such as being scratched, pushed, etc.  In that case, I would recommend a Remote Spirit Releasement on the home.  Once I have read the background information on a client and I feel that a Remote Spirit Releasement could possibily help, then a date and time is set up.  After initially reading the background information on the client, I do not reread this information again until after the releasement is completed.  I do this to see if any of the spirits or energeries that I have found coorespond to the information that the client has shared with me.

How often should I have a Remote Spirit Releasement?
You know yourself better than anyone else.  When you're not feeling like yourself; you feel off balance, having thoughts that you know aren't yours, physical conditions that cannot be explained/treated by a medical professional, etc., then a Remote Spirit Releasement might be a modality to explore.

Can I have a Remote Spirit Releassement done on someone else without them knowing?
If you feel that a family member, such as a child, spouse, etc. is showing signs of spirit attachment and would not necessarily be open to the modality, then a Remote Spirit Releasement could be an option to help them.  I always ask a persons higher self for permission to work with them as I go into the session.  I have never had a persons higher self, unless it was being blocked by a spirit, ever tell me that I cannot work with the person.  If you're thinking of having a spirit releasement conducted on someone hoping that it will change them for your own benifit, then that is going against someone's free-will.

Below is an example of a Remote Spirit Releasement report.  

This is a Releasement conducted on a 72 year old man who had alot of anger issues and a slight drinking problem.  After the Releasement, over a period of a couple months, his wife noticed a change in his anger issues and a decrease in his drinking that over a couple of years he stopped drinking all together.

Findings of:  Jim 
Date of Releasement:  March 14, 2013
Time of Releasement:  6:35PM 

1.         Spirit Attached to the Back of Head and Down the Back of Shoulders:  Have you ever been human?  "Yes."  What was your name?  "Jacob."  How old were you when you died?  "Forty-seven."  What did you die from?  "They said  old age.  It probably had a lot to do with drinkin, smokin."  You died at forty-seven and they said that was old age?  "Back then that was considered the average life."  What year did you pass?  "That would have been 1883."  Did you work?  "Yes."  What was your profession?  "I was a slave master."  Back in 1883 you were a slave master?  "That was still going on."  Where did you live?  "Mississippi."  How long have you been attached to Jim?  "Oh, about twelve or thirteen years."  Why are you attached to him?  "He's a lot like I was."  How's that?  "He likes to take control.  Like to be runnin things.  Like to drink.  Not really a rowdy life.  His was much less rowdy than mine was, he just reminded me of myself."  Do you influence Jim in anyway?  "Well yeah, anytime I can get him to take control of something that gives me more power."  Are you taking more and more control of Jim?  "Tryin to."  Why didn't you go into the light?  "At first I missed it then one time when I did see it I didn't want to go because I was busy doing things here, things I didn't want to give up."  Like the sensation of drinking and control?  "Yep."  Here's what I'd like to do for you.  I would like for you to look up and you'll see a beautiful white light coming down and someone who loves and cares about you will be at the bottom of the light for you.  Tell me who's come down to the bottom of the light.  "Yeah, it's my mom.  I haven't seen her in a long time.  I didn't see her when I was alive."  Ask your mom what it's like in the light.  "She said I won't have the need to control things.  She says I won't have the need to drink.  I've been drinkin since I was thirteen."  Would you like to go into the light with your mom?  "I don't know, I don't really feel like I know her."  She's your mom and you did recognize her.  "Where was she when I was thirteen?"  Life was different then.  She did the best she could.  "She didn't help me much."  What do you think Jacob?  "I don't know."  I ask for someone else to also come down to the bottom of the light to help Jacob.  Who's come down Jacob?  "Yeah, Jeb."  Who's Jeb?  "He's my buddy.  He was like a brother."  Ask Jeb what it's like in the light.  "He says it's true."  Are you willing to go into the light with Jeb?  "Can I get out of the light if I don't like it?  "You could if you want but once you go into the light you won't want to come back having the same issues.  You could come back and have another body again.  "My own body?"  Yes, your own body.  "I guess I'll go if I can come back and have my own body."  Then I ask to now turn and walk into the light with Jeb.

 2.         Spirit Attached to the Eyes:  Have you ever been human?  "No."  I call upon St. Michael and the Angels to come down and surround this one with ropes of white light.  Who are you and where are you from?  "I'm from another dimension."  Do you have a name?  "22R."  22R can you tell me what dimension you're from?  "The third."  Why are you attached to Jim?  "Because I'm here to see things through his eyes and learn from them."  What are you learning?  "I don't like what I see through his eyes."  What is that.  "Sometimes it's just plain nasty.  I don't see other humans being that way, but I don't understand why he's being that way.  I don't have those type of emotions."  Are you having any influences on Jim?  "I can't stop him from what he does."  Are you creating anything?  "There are times when I do so that I can record the difference."  Like what?  "The difference in the levels of intensity.  It's have for me to describe because I don't have the emotion that you humans do.  I have to base it on energy and what I can observe from other people in response to his actions and most of what I do is energy and sometimes I will increase the energy to see the differences in the energy from one level to another level of energy."  Well 22R, I can't allow you to stay here attached to Jim.  "Well I'm not done gathering information."  Well that's just too bad,  you can't stay attached to a human being.  You have two choices.  You can either go back to where you came from or you can go into our light with the Angels.  How did you get here?  "My ship."  You can either call your ship to come get you or go into the light with the Angels.  "Well, if I go back to my ship I can just come back somewhere else."  No, You have to agree that if you go back to your ship that you won't come back here and attach to a human being.  "We don't make agreements with you."  Then you won't be allowed to go back to your dimension if you won't make an agreement with me that you won't come back here.  "If I go back then I won't be able to come back down."  Are you willing to go with the Angels then?  "I need to stay here and finish my work."  I ask that the Angels that are surrounding this one to take this one to a very safe place in our light.  "It's not right that you're doing this."  It's not right that you're coming here and attaching to a human being.  Would you like one of us to attach to you?  "It's not possible."  How do you know?  "Because I know."  If it was possible, what would you feel about that?  "It would be considered an invasion.  We're of a higher intelligence than you are."  You might be but you weren't intelligent enough for me not to find you.  "I was intelligent enough but I knew you couldn't do anything to me."  I'm going to have the Angels escort you into our light to take you into our light and if you ever grow and learn enough then the Angels will allow you to go back to your dimension.  I want the Angels to take it into our light.  They took it.

 3.      Spirit Attached to the Right Hand:  Have you ever been human?  "Yes."  What is your name?  "My name is Martin J. Hoover."  Martin, how did you die?  "Got shot."  What part of your body did you get shot?  "Right straight in the center of the heart."  How old were you when you died?  "Fifty-four."  Why did you get shot?  "Well, a deal that I made and the another deal that I made caught up with each other before I could settle the first one before I made another one."  What were these deals about?  "Tryin to get investments.  You know I really was a businessman.  I really knew my business."  Where did you live?  "I lived in Montana.  I lived in Ohio.  I lived in New Mexico for awhile."  Can you tell what year it was when you passed?  "April 1794."  How long have you been attached to Jim?  "I think I came about him about twenty-five years ago."  What kind of influences have you had on Jim?  "Well, you know you can tell a lot about a person by their handshake.  When you're in business you gotta learn that.  We didn't have all these papers and signatures.  You took a man by his word.  I have to admit, my word wasn't always what it should have been."  You've been attached to Jim a long time.  What kind of influences have you had on him?  "A lot of his handshakes are what they should have been.  A little shifty.  You learn in business you have to shake someone's hand to make them think you like them whether you do or not.  You aren't going to make a business transaction if they know you don't like them."  So, you influence him to pretend to like people?  "Yeah, I guess you could say that."  Have you had any other influences on him?  "He's a lot of talk.  I guess you would say there's not a lot of substance to the talk.  Sometimes you have to puff things up to sell it.  It's not really a lie, not a lie but it ain't the whole truth."  Martin, you seem to be a pretty nice person.  "I always thought I was."  Can you tell me if there are other spirits attached to Jim.  "Yeah."  Can you tell me where they're located?  "There's one in his belly.  There's one in each foot.  Those are little ones.  Children.  You know, time lost.  And there's one in his lower back."  Thank you for helping me.  "I'm here to do business."  And I'm here to help you.  "Okay."  I know a place where you can grow and learn and make great business deals.  "Hum, why don't I know about this place?"  Well you probably saw it but didn't realize what a wonderful place it was.  I'll help you right now if you'll accept my help.  "Okay."  I want you to look up for me and you'll see a beautiful white light coming down.  At the bottom of this light someone who loves and cares about you will be there waiting for you.  Can you tell me who's come down to help you?  "My parents.  I learned all I know about business from my dad.  He says you can make some great deals up there."  Are you willing to go into the light with your parents?  "You know me, if I can make a deal I'll go."  Then turn and walk into the light with your parents and GOD bless you on your journey.  "Can I take those little kids with me?"  Yes, please take the little ones with you.

 4.         Spirit Attached to the Solar Plexus Area:  Have you ever been human?  "Uh, yes."  What is your name?  "Joseph."  Joseph, how old were you when you died?  "Don't know."  What do you mean you don't know?  "Well, I lived off the land.  I didn't keep track of years."  How did you die?  "I got into an argument with a bear."  What happened?  "He was hurtin but he still won."  Can you tell me where you lived?  "Well, when I started out I was about ten.  Left with my family from Philadelphia.  Headed west and our wagon train got hit by the Indians.  Figured if I played dead I'd be safe but it didn't work.  The Indians took me back with them.  It wasn't very nice.  I was like a slave.  My Pa always said to pay attention to what's going on.  So I did and I learned a lot about living off the land.  Learned how to keep myself warm.  Learned how to eat.  Learned how to hide.  As soon as I got the chance I took off and never looked back."  Do you remember what year this was?  "No."  How long have you been attached to Jim?  "I found him about fifteen years ago."  Why did you attach to Jim?  "I was tired."  What kind of influences have you had on Jim since you've been attached to him?  "Well I kind just rubbed off on him.  You have to be determined when you're on your own.  He gets an idea in his head and he sticks with it.  He figures he's right and everybody else is wrong.  I probably never should have stayed here as long as I did because he can be down right nasty sometimes but then so could I.  I guess maybe we were just suited for each other that way.  I think sometimes he just needs time alone just like I did."  Joseph, here's what I want to do for you.  You've been earthbound for a long time.  You need to heal from the life you had.  I'm sure you've seen what I've done to help the others that have been here.  I want you now to look up and you'll see that white light coming down for you now.  I want you to tell me who's come down to the bottom of the light to help you.  "My mom and my dad and my sister Becky.  I haven't seen them for a long time."  Ask them what it's like in the light.  "They say you don't hurt anymore.  If I want quiet, I can have quiet."  Would you like to go and be with your family again?  "Yeah."  Then turn and walk into the light now with your family and GOD bless you on your journey.

 5.         Spirit Attached to the Lower Back:  Have you ever been human?  "Yes."  What is your name?  "Ruth."  Ruth, how old were you when you died?  "Seventeen."  How did you die?  "I was beaten."  Who beat you?  "A man that I took wood from."  Why did you take his wood?  "Because me and my sisters and my brother was cold."  And he beat you until you died?  "He beat me with the wood."  Do you remember what year it was when you died?  "1917."  Do you remember where you lived?  "We lived in Croatia in the countryside."  How old was Jim when you attached to him?  "I haven't been here very long, maybe three years."  Why are you attached to Jim?  "I needed energy to keep us going.  He was an easy target."  What kind of influences have you had on him?  Why are you attached to his lower back?  "That's where I carried the wood.  I think sometimes his back hurts but I think the bigger thing is that he's carrying a burden or at least he feels like he is.  He resents that."  Does he feel like he's carrying a burden because of you?  "He feels like he's had to carry burdens that really aren't his burdens in life and some of them are founded on me and some of the other ones I'm not real sure where they come from but there's things he feels he has to do that he doesn't want to do and sometimes he gets angry about it.  When he gets angry about it, it just gives me more energy."  So you like it when he angry.  "Yeah."  Do you try to stir things up to make him angry?  "Yeah."  How do you go about doing that?  "He gets thinking about stuff and once he starts thinking about that stuff I just keep adding to it."  Stuff like what?  "He gets upset because he wants to plan his time the way he wants to do it, the way he wants to plan it and sometimes he can't because other people says he has to do something else and that makes him angry."  Does he lash out at those people?  "Yeah.  I like it better when he stews about it because then I get more energy but then he blows up."  Who usually gets the wrath when he blows up?  "Most of the time it's family.  His wife gets most of it but he usually lashes out at family."  Ruth, you've seen the light of spirit come down to help the others.  Why didn't you go into the light with any of them?  "I didn't know I could go with them."  Well, I want you to look up and this light coming down is there for you now.  Someone that loves and cares about you is going to come down to the bottom of the light to help you cross over.  Who's come down for you?  "My brother."  Are you ready to go into the light with your brother?  "Yeah."  She went into the light with her brother.

 No other spirits attached to his physical or aura.  A remote healing was done to help strengthen his energetic body.

REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders within the United States)
REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders within the United States)
With the Remote Spirit Releasement you will receive a report of the complete findings sent to you via email.

NOTE: The total cost is $150.00. Because sales tax will be charged during checkout, the price here reflects the sales tax not included until during checkout.
REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders within the United States)$140.56
REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders Outside the United States)
REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders Outside the United States)
This process includes a Remote Spirit Releasement along with Soul Retrieval. Detailed report will be emailed.

NOTE: The total cost is $150.00. Because shipping will be charged during checkout, the price here reflects the shipping cost not included until during checkout.

REMOTE SPIRIT RELEASEMENT WITH REPORT (For Orders Outside the United States)$101.00

Instructions After Paying:

After you purchase the process by using the Paypal button above please send me an email at: info@itsyourjourney.com with the following information

  • Describe what you've been noticing that lead you to this process
  • Your address (or the address of the person you are having the work done for)
  • Your age.  (or the age of the person you are having the work done for)
  • If you can send a picture that is also very helpful.  Please send it as a .jpeg and keep the size around 200x200.


  • The releasement will NOT be scheduled until I receive the above information.
  • I will only do one person, not the person and the home they live in.  To  do a person and a home you must purchase separate releasements.
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